Celebrating Sexuality! Cultivating Personal Satisfaction & Happy Relationships

The digital economy has forever changed the way we share information, yet to date, sexual resources are decentralized and laden with negative stereotypes and judgment. The future of healthy sexuality relies on our ability to bring sex out from the shadows to illuminate the important role sex plays in our lives.

PleazeMe Assists the Journey to Greater Sexual Satisfaction Providing Powerful Educational and Joyful Recreational Content to our Community of Members Anonymously

Q: What is Your Vision for Sexual Health?

Sexual fulfillment has a tremendously positive effect on our physical and mental well-being. It has the power to transform our lives for the better, yet many treat sex as a taboo, feeling ashamed to openly discuss their experiences. We must have a credible and enjoyable resource to expand our knowledge, feel connected, and support our journeys. Our vision is simple. We aim for our PleazeMe members to feel safe to share in an anonymous, yet interconnected community of like-minded individuals while striving for better relationships and sex lives as they evolve their intimate experience. Our technology provides the anonymity necessary for people to openly interact with content, community members, and explore products and services.


Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing digital destination and private community for sexual exploration. We provide our members with the tools and support necessary to optimize their personal sexual exploration, with the best possible user experience. We offer cutting-edge technology as well as product and service provider partners from all over the world, who assist us as we lead the digital sexual revolution.


  • An enjoyable sex-positive social media platform for adults only
  • Content creator membership & monetization tools
  • Member controlled privacy levels
  • Inclusive community environment
  • The Gold Standard for Child Safety, Privacy & Security
Founder & CEO Heather C. Montgomery, She/Her


Historically, our sexual journeys begin with our parents’ standard “birds & bees” chat paired with a reproductive-focused sex-ed class in school. The rest of our sexual experience is left to self-discovery, via media, society, and one-on-one interactions that shape our sexual selves. Oddly, though sex is the pillar of human experience, it is one of the most widely censored subjects, leaving us to feel ill-equipped and isolated in our sexual evolution.

Our goal is to remove the shame and elevate the sexual discourse to a

normalized and celebrated conversation. We offer people of every race, creed, sex, age, and sexuality a chance to enhance their journeys. As we grow, our relationship with sex also evolves. Our platform is a tool to enhance this natural process. PleazeMe is a single destination for sexual exploration; we vet and aggregate reliable sources, experts, and information, with others in a social-sexual economy. It is a place to anonymously connect, interact, learn, shop and explore in a fun, collaborative way customized specifically to your own sexual adventure.


We believe in love, humanity, sexuality, and the power of speech. People of all shapes and sizes, colors and ethnicities, genders and sexualities are valuable and deserve to feel included. No part is greater than the whole. Everyone should have a safe place they can go to connect, discover and express themselves without fear of being judged or censored. When passionate people come together to change the world for the better, amazing things can happen, creating unlimited opportunities for us all.

“When passionate people come together to change the world for the better, amazing things can happen, creating unlimited opportunities for us all.” — H.C. Montgomery

Tech Leader, Media Disruptor, Innovator and Educator in Sexual Wellness And Pleasure / Impacting Social Reform ❤️: Founder & CEO at PleazeMe.com